We are a leading supplier of Glass Papers, Glass Stickers and Frosted Glass Sticker in Lahore.
Glass Papers and Stickers are made up of high quality PVC/Vinyl material. Glass Stickers are available in huge variety of designs and texture.

Sultania Interiors Provides all types of Glass Papers and Glass Stickers with installation like Frosted Glass Paper, Office Glass Sticker, Printed Branding Papers, One Vision Stickers and Blind Glass Papers in Lahore.
You can use for Blinding your Glasses all over the house (basements, attics, garages, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Glass Sticker, Frosted Glass Paper and Glass Papers are mostly installed in Homes, Hospital, Offices, Schools, Collages, Shops, Showrooms and Warehouse and Manufacturing Plants.

Sultania Interiors is one of the leading name in industry for providing installation services of Glass Papers, PVC Ceiling Tiles, PVC Wall Paneling, Modern Style Wall Decoration, PVC Fancy POP Ceiling, Drop ceiling tiles 2*2 (Grid Ceiling) in Gypsum Tiles and Gypsum Fancy POP Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Blinds and Curtains in Lahore and all over the Pakistan.


  • Protect the Glass
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Durable
  • Better than Curtains
  • Blind your Glass
  • Lower Maintenance

Product Description:

Standard Width
4 feet
Standard Thickness .5mm
Light Crossing 50 to 90%
Fire Protection Avoid from Fire
Material PVC & Vinyl
Benefits Look as Glass, Easy to Wipe, Glass Protecter, Eco friendly and Hide Your Privacy

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